Where contact center key data and metrics come together

Here's how Ytica can help your team make smarter business decisions:

Out-of-the-box reporting and analytics
Add features like contact center business reporting, call replay and conversation analytics by connecting Ytica with your contact center platform. No development needed at all.
Works for you from the day one
Watch critical contact center metrics and insights from the very beginning with many pre-built dashboards and reports. Ytica seamlessly integrates with Twilio and Talkdesk contact center platforms.
Built on years of experience in call centers
At Ytica, we have deep roots in the contact center space and are passionate about the industry. When use Ytica you will obtain all this knowhow embedded in the product.

Works with cloud contact center platforms

One-click install, pay as you go, free trial


Advanced Reporting & Analytics app
for all Talkdesk customers.

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Plug & Play Reporting & Analytics building block
for all Twilio TaskRouter customers.

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Using Ytica for Omni-channel Contact Center Analytics

Execute your customer-focused strategy and drive your growth.

Reporting that Provides the Insight

To run your contact center well it needs to be run by numbers. With Ytica you get out of the box dashboards and reports that connect the dots.

  • Gain insight for both inbound and outbound services
  • Analyze your sales as well as support operations
  • See how your customers are abandoning your queue while waiting for live agent and why
  • Set up custom dashboards and KPIs that provide you with the right metrics to monitor
  • With alerts, you will never miss an important event or change in performance

Drill down and Listen to Calls

As your contact center platform records your calls Ytica lets you listen to them on a comfortable and intuitive interface.
  • Drill down from dashboards and reports all the way to the individual calls and listen to what your customers have to say
  • See where agents and customers are speaking and discover where cross talk and long silences occur
  • Listen to the right conversations that require attention and enable you to learn something new

Conversation Analytics

Your recordings contain a very valuable asset – all conversations conducted with your customers. Instead of random listening, focus on the calls that need the most attention or where you can learn something new.

  • Define keywords and phrases that are required in your conversations to meet compliance
  • Discover which phrases work the best to close more sales
  • Detect unhappy customers that are about to churn
  • Speed up your quality processes by focusing on specific calls that need attention
  • Free up your team leaders so they can spend more time coaching your agents
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Why Ytica [wai-tih-ka]

Earlier this year we launched Ytica, a spinoff from ZOOM International. After 18 years in the contact center space, we felt the need for an easy-to-use analytics product affordable to customers of any size. Our team has deep background in machine learning, speech, text and data analytics as well as experience in the customer care industry. Ytica gives you all this in one friendly product that brings value from day one. Without headaches.
Šimon Vostrý, Chief Everything Officer