Fast-growing companies run Ytica WFO to stay ahead of the crowd

Make agent performance the best that it can be
Understand agent performance from all angles with a 360-degree view of every conversation. Equip agents with the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs with confidence and joy.
Use analytics to truly understand the customer
See a unified view of the adventure you are taking your customers on. Discover opportunities to improve products, processes and agent skills in customer conversations.
Protect your brand and reduce the risk
Automatically verify 100% of conversations for compliance, objection handling and upselling skills while freeing up time for higher value tasks such as agent coaching.

Works with cloud contact center platforms

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WFO & Analytics
for all Talkdesk customers.

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Omni-channel WFO incl. Real-time Monitoring
for Twilio Flex and TaskRouter customers.

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WFO & Analytics
for Amazon Connect customers.

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Great customer experience, improved service quality, awesome agent performance in an omnichannel world

Call Recording Search & Playback
Ytica's Conversation Explorer provides a visual and audio record of every point in customer conversation. Identify areas of cross-talk and silence, automated keyword findings, and map agent desktop activity to conversations.
Manual Quality Management
Assess skills, knowledge and compliance with predefined evaluation questionnaires that match your  business objectives. Combine supervisor review with customer satisfaction scores and agent self-assessment.
Automated Quality Assurance
Shift from monitoring just a handful of calls to measuring the quality of every single one. Automate agent scoring to ensure compliance and quality while freeing QA staff to better coach & support agents.
Performance Management
Pre-built & fully customizable reports and alerts for tracking call patterns, handled and abandoned conversations, performance and productivity. Report as overview or in detail.
Real-time Monitoring
Gain real-time visibility into agent activity, performance and work patterns. Monitor how many customers are queueing and quickly drill down to playback, comment or evaluate recent conversations.
Agent Desktop Analytics
Track agent screen activity while serving customers. Make sure agents adhere to your web usage policies and business processes without compromising for a moment on customer service.
Phrase Spotting
Easily track use of key phrases with automated speech findings. Verify compliance statements, required scripting, proper language, objection handling, and upsell skills.
Call Transcript
Written transcripts of calls mapped word-by-word to the audio recording, enabling the evaluator to switch between reading and listening in on calls to verify key points.

Customer Journey
Understand your customers beyond their current conversation through interactive contact history. See the full picture of previous customer interactions and improve your ability to resolve their queries.
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Why Ytica [wai-tih-ka]

In March 2017 we launched Ytica, a spinoff from ZOOM International. After 18 years in the contact center space, we felt the need for an easy-to-use analytics product affordable to customers of any size. Our team has deep background in machine learning, speech, text and data analytics as well as experience in the customer care industry. Ytica gives you all this in one friendly product that brings value from day one. Without headaches.
Šimon Vostrý, Chief Everything Officer