Agent Desktop Analytics

Find out what is happening on your agents' desktops while they're serving customers

Ytica WFO Agent Desktop Analytics

Agent activity in real time

Monitor active applications your agents have on their screens in real time and make sure they adhere to your web usage policies and business processes without compromising for a moment on customer service.
Ytica WFO Agent Desktop Analytics

Window into productivity

Track different process paths agents take and identify inefficiencies and best practices. Aggregate desktop dataacross multiple conversations, agents and teams. Then blend them with other metadata, or dive straight into the detail of individual calls.
Ytica WFO Agent Desktop Analytics

Evidence of agent behavior

Review the conversation from beginning to end for a complete picture of agent performance. Identify coaching opportunities like switching too much between applications, accessing non-work related content or struggling in the company's knowledge base.

Ytica WFO Agent Desktop Analytics

After call time under the spotlight

Get visibility into agent activities after conversations with customers and synchronize it with agent states such as active, inactive, on hold, after call work or break. Monitor desktops anywhere including remote or at home.
Ytica WFO Agent Desktop Analytics


What are the benefits of desktop analytics compared to call screen capture?

Think of desktop analytics as a more actionable version of screen capture. Desktop analytics automatically captures, tracks and analyzes 100% of contact center volumes and agent desktop activities in both real-time and historical reports to identify agent coaching needs and to locate process bottlenecks and issues. 

Screen capture is used for a small percentage of calls that are recorded (storage heavy) and reviewed by QA teams (typically less than 2% of all calls). Each screen recording sequence needs to be individually replayed during the QA process and manually evaluated without any automation and data aggregation.