Call Recording Search and Playback

Gain 100% visibility of each and every conversation


Conversation Explorer

Go beyond simple conversation playback. Ytica's Conversation Explorer provides a visual and audio record of every point of a customer conversation. Identify areas of cross-talk and silence without the need to listen in, skip to critical points of any conversation through automated keyword or phrase findings, and map agent desktop activity to conversations to understand its impact in service quality.

Evaluation questionnaire

Make every evaluation an opportunity for improvement by providing immediate support and feedback. Assess skills, knowledge and compliance with predefined questionnaires that match your contact center or team objectives and focus on actionable insights.

Agent feedback history

Track feedback given to agents over time to monitor their response and track long-term progress. Identify areas where additional coaching may be required, or where necessary other action needs to be taken.

Customer journey

Understand your customers beyond their current conversation through interactive contact history. See the full picture of previous interactions and improve your ability to resolve their queries faster.

Phrase spotting

Easily track use of key phrases with Ytica's proprietary intelligent, automated speech findings. Monitor adherence to compliance statements, track upsell and objection handling, or identify customers' mentions of your competitors. Phrases are mapped to the conversation recording enabling you to access the relevant part of any call directly with one click.

Call transcript

Written transcripts of every call automatically captured by Ytica's proprietary engine. These are mapped word-by-word to the audio recording, enabling the QA team to switch from reading, or listening in on calls to verify key points.