Performance Management

Uncover critical contact center metrics and insights to save costs, improve sales and delight your customers

Ytica WFO Performance Management 

Dashboards built to your users' needs

When you build reports with Ytica, you don't need to start with a blank canvas. We provide you with a set of built-in dashboards, informed by years of contact center experience that enables you create accurate, professional reports from the get-go.

Customize or create your own

If you're more inclined to create your own reports, to focus on the metrics that are specific to your business, Ytica enables easy customization of existing dashboards, or lets you build from scratch. Make your reports as simple – or as complex – as you want. And without writing a line of code!

Get actionable insights

The best dashboards do more than allow you to visualize data. Ytica helps you identify and track trends as they emerge, monitor KPIs, and isolate specific issues. With a comprehensive set of dashboards, reports and alerts, Ytica enables you to set up automatically triggered reports and alerts to keep your entire team in the loop on how your contact center is performing.

Ytica WFO Performance Management

Drill down to any conversation from any report

Get to the detail behind numbers in any report by easily clicking through to individual conversations. From here you can quickly explore specific details, and add context such as the causes of silences and cross-talk, objection handling and upselling performance and other agent or customer behaviors.
Ytica WFO Performance Management

Slice, dice, and filter

With Ytica's flexible filtering capabilities, you can easily cut out the noise and focus in on the metrics you want to understand right now. Filter by common elements such as agent, team, channel, direction, queue, IVR path, or business hours.
Ytica WFO Performance Management