Ytica Speech Analytics

Deeper insights across your contact center  SA-hero-V2

Ytica Speech Analytics provides an additional layer of intelligence and automation across your contact center. Our team has taken all the core functionality of Ytica’s already powerful workforce optimization and added machine learning, natural language processing, analysis and automation. This provides you with the deep knowledge you need, presented in a way that’s instantly accessible, and helps you make swift, confident business decisions.

Speech analytics touches on each part of contact center, helping to deliver:

More visibility of compliance controls

Adding speech analytics to your quality monitoring gives 100% assurance that your compliance statements are being read correctly and enables you to take action where they’re not.

Clearer Voice of Customer

Speech analytics delivers a clearer understanding of your customers’ needs. Automated phrase spotting helps you measure customer sentiment, monitor requests to speak to supervisors, track competitor mentions, or track any key phrases relevant for your business.

Greater benefits for your agents

Speech Analytics helps you gain a wider understanding of your agents’ performance, automatically highlights areas where performance could be improved and adds context to challenges that need addressing.
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